Steve Brew passed away in his sleep Sunday, July 22, 2007, at his home in Alliance, Nebraska.  He was a great brother but more importantly a great friend.  His memories will be deeply cherished. 

 We are all better people for having known and loved Steve. 

Please remember Steve in your prayers.


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"Living the Dream!"


 We held Steve Brew's (aka Husker Elvis...Manic D. Presley) funeral on, 7/26, and the wake was held the day before. For the funeral there was an overflowing crowd. The church will holds around 500 and they set up chairs in the basement for the overflowing crowd. Every chair was full and there were people standing in the aisles. Estimates were around 800 people attended. Many said it was probably the largest funeral in Alliance, Nebraska’s history.
At the Wake the number of tributes and testimonies to Steve went on for more than two hours. Tributes ranging from a 12 year old basketball player he had coached not just about basketball but also life to 89 years old man speaking of Steve’s wonderfulness. My wife said she had never been to a funeral where so many grown men cried.

Our brother Steve was such a great man. Not just as a Husker Elvis but as a brother, husband, father, coach and friend to all. Live, Love, Laugh and leave a Legacy. My brother Steve surely did all four as well as anyone who has walked this dear earth.

We always joked and called Steve the “George Bailey” of the family (Jimmy Steward’s character in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”) because he never left our home town of Alliance. And Steve died in Alliance as the richest man in town and possibly the richest man in the world. Steve is now “Livin’ the Dream” with all the greats from our past, too many to mention here. Please Continue to remember Steve in your prayers.

Steve could shake that Pelvis like the King himself!!! God rest and protect Steve for all eternity


Steve Exemplified What the Husker Elvis Spirit is All About!!

He will be truly missed and never replaced


Steve, is next to David Max (HuskerPedia), along with Steve's favorite comedian Larry the Cable Guy - Steve's life was defined by Love and Friendship and he certainly "Got 'er Done" 
A Life Saving Experience for a Husker Elvis

Because of Steve, I have lived another 17 years. I never thanked him properly for helping me after the accident. I think he was a wonderful man with a wonderful heart. My heart is saddened for your loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
Brandi Goodpasture-Ford (Panhandle, TX)

I found this simple thank you to Steve in the Omaha Paper. It is from a 6 year old girl (now 23) that was the lone survivor of a train/car accident crossing where the rest of her family died and Steve (a Burlington Norther brakeman at the time) helped save her. Steve was so moved by the incident he wrote the following poem based on this experience. It is called "Six of Spades". Here it is:

Death and Life somtimes can never be explained,
Why a family of five didn't see the train

The sun was shining.. the sky was clear
The whistle was blowing, as the crossing drew near

Brakes screeched and squealed, but all in vain
the car eased into the path of the oncoming train

Metal ripped, glass shattered, The car dragged along the rail
Flesh torn, bones shattered, Life..precious life can be so frail

Sliding and smoking the train finally stood still
The crossing echoed the stillness mornfully tranquil

Compassion, empathy, anger and sorrow
This family of five wouldn't see tomorrow

Tears welled in my eyes as the ambulance sped away
Completely mystified..How life can end this way?

Death and life sometimes can never be explained
Now I shoulder a baton of lifetime pain

Thinking life is unfair, I gazed at the ground
A lone card lay there..face down

Picking it up.. what didi I find?
Six of Spades...burned forever in my mind

Don't be cruel, to a fan who's true!
Don't want no other love...
Huskers, You're the team I'm dreamin' of!
Elvis Hair
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